May 27 — June 24 


In June, after celebrating Pentecost and the birth of the church, we transition into a new church season and sermon series. We transition from seasons of preparation for discipleship and mission (Lent and Easter) to an extended season of performance, living out our discipleship on God’s mission in Christ’s name and the Spirit’s power. Our sermon series during the beginning of this season is called Transitions.
It may seem ironic that we will start a series called Transitions as we start the church season called Ordinary Time. The Season after Pentecost is not called ordinary time not because things become normal, much less average or blasé during the nearly six months that make up this season (from Trinity Sunday through Christ the King Sunday). If there is anything “ordinary” about it in that sense, it is that, like all other seasons, it has a common underlying purpose, and that purpose is for the church to live out its ministries fully and accountably in the name of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.
And that often requires a season of transitions. We will explore what the bible tells us about what to do when we face transition, how we might faithfully respond when transition is not welcome or expected, and who can lead us through the transition.